OUR Philosophy

The experience we offer at Les 3 Elephants is different from the conventional resorts. In our modern world of fast speed tensions, crazy schedules and continuous flux of informations, we believe that peace, wellness and communion with nature are the greatest luxury.

We believe strongly in the various principles of responsible tourism.

Without compromising on high international standards of comfort and hospitality, we have given the preference to organic materials, local workers and traditional technics.

We have limited the number of AC units and optimized the natural insulation, correct exposition and cross-ventilation of our cottages.

To ensure maximal relaxation, we have no TVs or phones in the rooms, and the high-speed wi-fi is restricted to our lounge and restaurant areas.

The major part of our hot water is provided by solar energy.

We are engaged in a responsible social approach by hiring and training local housewives as the core part of our team.

Our restaurant's menu changes daily to ensure perfect freshness of our locally sourced ingredients.

We believe in personalized service, our dedicated team is always happy to help and satisfy each of our guests, with the highest respect for everyone's peace and privacy.

When asked what is the best we have in the resort, our answer is an expression of our philosophy:

"Sunrise on the backwaters"

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